About Us

SmarterVote aims to be the foremost non-partisan online resource for voters to educate themselves about the candidates and issues that affect them.  We hope to exponentially increase citizen engagement and electoral participation through a variety of voter tools.  Foremost of which is its voter matchmaking service that helps people identify which candidates they align with based on the political issues that matter to them.  In order to keep that service free, the data is then anonymized and analyzed to create the most intelligent and up-to-date barometer of constituent sentiment ever, making Smarter Vote the most invaluable source of voter opinion available to candidates, political organizations and media outlets.


With every new election cycle, voters must wade through research, sound bites, media pundits, and an ongoing deluge of information to determine which candidate to vote for. The process can be frustrating and even overwhelming, and a better solution for helping to educate voters is badly needed. Smarter Vote aims to provide precisely that service. Our tools are intended to guide users through quizzes that lets our tools understand their positions on their values and opinions on key issues. Smarter Vote will then present a summary of which candidate the voter best aligns with, which can be easily shared on social media profiles.


We’re just a small team working hard to deliver an unbiased tool to help Americans be better stewards of the privilege we have - to choose who represents us.  Please use the feedback tool to let us know how we can do better.